Weight loss motivation, goals setting and rapid loss

Weight loss motivation, goals setting and rapid loss

Goal setting

This should be the first step you take before you begin any diet or exercise program. Goal setting is the most important part of any program even though it has nothing to do with exercise, weights, or anything else related to nutrition. If you ignore this step like most people do then lets face it your heading towards failure no matter how hard you try.
When properly planted into the subconscious minds, goals produce action! They create energy and motivation. They get you out of bed early and into the gym, they stop you from having that greasy burger late at night and so on. A goal with a purpose is the fuel that keeps you going. If you follow these few steps listed below your well on your way to achieving that look you want.
1. Set specific goals. Time and time again I hear people saying I want to get leaner or I want to lose weight. This is not specific enough. How much weight do you want to lose? What body fat percentage do you want to be? When do you want to complete your goals by these goals are far more specific.
2. Set realistic deadlines. Losing 10kg in 10 days is probably possible however can you sustain it? Don’t confuse fat loss with weight loss. Find a program that changes your lifestyle with healthy eating and good exercise program and you’re sure to lose weight at a slower rate but guaranteed to keep it off.
3. Set measurable goals. You must have a way to measure your progress otherwise how will you know if you’re heading towards your goal? The mirror can be a useful tool however I would suggest something like skin fold tests a simple Google search or YouTube search can show you what to measure and where to measure. Be sure to record your results you can even chart them to see your progress on a weekly basis.
You’ve probably heard of SMART goals before and all the old cliques why goals are critical to success such as a man without a goal is like a boat without a rudder. But it really is true. Yes goal setting is one of the most basic things to do but its funny how small the percentage of people are that actually continually set and review them. All of the worlds most success people put their success don’t to effective goal setting.
So if you truly want to be successful in whatever your goal may be, which in this case is most probably weight loss and rapid loss of weight, then it truly is critical to keep focused, motivated and actually knowing why you are doing what you are doing during the times when it gets tough.
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