Top 5 Cardio Workout

Top 5 Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular exercises are very important for losing weight or gaining muscle. There are many types of cardio exercises but you have to find that works for you the best. Cardio can be boring at times so you  have to do some exploring and add motivational music while doing the activity. These are the top 5 of the best cardio exercises that will keep blood pumping and will make you sweat. They’re so effective that most people are addicted into doing these activities.

5. Rowing. This exercise is mostly ignored in the gym because most people assume that it doesn’t deliver a great workout. It works your upper body and lower body giving you a total body workout so you can burn calories faster. The most muscle you use for an activity, the more calories are being used.

4. Dancing. If you enjoy dancing, this may be the workout for you. You already love it as a hobby so why not use it as your workout. What I like about dancing is that you can do it alone in your room, dance with someone, or join a dance group. If you want to spice up your exercises, I recommend highly dancing.

3. Swimming. Swimming is a full body exercise; more muscles are put into use, the more calories you burn. Also, the risk of high impact injury is zero. Racing a friend will kick your workout up a notch. A 30 minute workout can burn 400 calories.

2. Elliptical. Elliptical is a combination of treadmill and stair stepper. It’s easy on the joints so if you have leg problems this might be the machine for you. I find the elliptical useful during my weight loss process because you can set resistance to intensify your workout.

1. Running. Running has to be one of the most efficient cardio exercises out there. You can easily pace yourself so you can get maximum results. Running does not require equipment other than shoes. Adding short sprints when running can seriously drop the fat off your body. Treadmills are the most popular equipments in gym due to its effectiveness.

These are my top cardio exercises; it may be different for you. If you haven’t tried one of the 5, I highly recommend that you try one in your next work out. If you want to learn more, click here.

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When I was a child, I was diagnosed with having amoeba. I got so skinny to the point where my family had to bring me to the emergency room. After I got better, my family started feeding me everything and I started to gain unnecessary weight. Ever since that incident, I was overweight until high school. I decided to lose weight when classmates would make fun of me but that’s what gave me motivation to lose weight. Also, I want to look good for myself and the people around me. I started working out at the end of my 3rd year of high school; I lost more than 70 pounds by the time I graduated. Ever since then, my lifestyle has changed completely and I love it.

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