The Truth About Bacteria And Weight Loss

The Truth About Bacteria And Weight Loss

You made it through the holiday season. And now you are moving along through March. You may be busting your butt at the gym along with a TON of other people. You are curling your dumbbells when the person next to you suddenly sneezes, releasing possibly dangerous bacteria. Uh-oh, now you remember another reason why you DISLIKE New Year’s. Not only are you in the middle of New Year’s resolution time, but you are also in the middle of cold and flu season. You think to yourself that this is no time to get sick. But it may be too late. You feel the familiar scratchy feeling in your throat, or your nose just got stuffier. So you run to your doctor to stop your cold dead in it’s tracks. You ask for some antibiotics. But you may have made a very poor choice… Keep reading to learn the Truth About Bacteria And Weight Loss


Antibiotic Use

During cold and flu season, it may seem like doctors are very quick to prescribe antibiotics.

And you may jump at the opportunity even if you have the common cold (which usually is a virus). Thinking that antibiotics may help (which more than likely they won’t) to cure your cold before it explodes into something bigger. But the problem is this: antibiotics DESTROY bacteria, NOT viruses.  Don’t get me wrong, antibiotics may have saved us from some very terrible diseases.  Diseases that killed thousands, if not MILLIONS, of people!  So if you are suffering a severe bacterial infection or a life threatening situation calling for antibiotics, then you NEED them.  But for your common cold or flu, the use of antibiotics may be the WORST thing you want to do. Especially if you want to LOSE FAT,


Wait…what’s that, antibiotics may lead to WEIGHT GAIN?

Let me explain…

Inside Your Body

Inside each and every one of us lives certain “good” bacteria.

And these friendly bacteria may help your immune system.

This may keep you healthy from other invading “bad” bacteria.

Plus, these “good guys” may regulate certain hormones responsible for weight loss or gain.

They may help DIGEST FAT, breaking it down into smaller absorbable nutrients.

But how exactly do antibiotics lead to weight gain?


Imagine you are a farmer.  And you want to sell your meat to the local grocery store.  But you are in competition with the next farmer over, who have MUCH LARGER and FULLER cows than you do.  So you start your cattle on antibiotics.  After a few weeks, you notice an increase in the weight of your cows, leading to BIGGER and MEATIER cows.  This happens almost every day, all across the country.  The antibiotics used in livestock may destroy healthy bacteria, which may result in bigger and fatter cows.  Plus, the meat you end up with is FATTIER instead of leaner.  So the meat you eat is fattier and possibly full of hormones and ANTIBIOTICS.


So if that happens in cows, do you think it might translate in humans?

My guess is you might be right!


Antibiotics and Weight Gain


Your fat tissue releases hormones which may regulate your energy status.  One hormone communicates with your brain, letting it know your energy needs have been met.

But the other hormone also talks to your brain.  It tells your brain when your energy is low and you need to EAT.  This may increase Ghrelin secretion, which then tells your brain that you need to EAT MORE.  And this may reduce your concentration of Leptin, or your body may become resistant  to Leptin and its signaling.  This may cause you to overeat and possibly storing it as fat.  Your intestines also have certain receptor sites which bind to the tails of those bacteria.  This may stimulate metabolism of certain nutrients.  And this may increase your blood sugar.  Then, your pancreas secretes insulin to shuttle that sugar into your muscles to be used for energy.


The problem is: When there is an unhealthy gut environment (too many bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria), there may be an increase in inflammation.  So then your body sends a response to deal with the inflammation.  As a review, when your cells become inflamed, they may be more resistant to certain powerful hormones resulting in reduced cell signaling.  And this is especially true with insulin.  When your body becomes resistant to insulin, your chances of developing metabolic syndrome increases.


Metabolic syndrome may be associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and increased risk for developing diabetes or heart disease.

By altering your gut bacteria, you may alter your body’s ability to control inflammation and your sensitivity to insulin.

But it does not stop there…

A study conducted on mice deficient in TLR5, which is a protein located on your intestinal wall, produced some AMAZING results.

These genetically altered mice exhibited classic signs of metabolic syndrome.

They showed insulin resistance and inflammation.

And they exhibited altered gut microflora.

When the gut microflora were transferred to mice lacking an immune system (that way the mice would not fight off the bacteria), the researchers noticed the mice ate more.

This resulted in increased body weight gain and eventually led to metabolic syndrome.


 Check Out This Video: How 5-10 Pounds Of Bacteria In Your Gut Helps You To Lose Weight


Good Germs,  Bad Germs.

Antibiotics are powerful drugs which may rid your body of good and bad bacteria.

By altering your gut microflora, your appetite may increase. This increase may raise your chances of weight gain, especially FAT GAIN. Farmers have used antibiotics for many years to increase the size to make fatter and bigger cows with more meat. This use of antibiotics may also destroy a certain bacteria which may be on the brink of extinction. This bacteria may aid in digestion, and without this bacteria, ghrelin secretion may INCREASE possibly increasing your appetite.


Hope is not lost though!

There may be a chance to replace your good bacteria after using antibiotics. Probiotics are products that may contain healthy bacteria.  And these bacteria may help your normal gut bacteria flourish, possibly protecting your body from harmful bacteria. So, next time someone sneezes by your side, reach for a tissue and wash your hands.

This may prevent you from having to use bacteria-killing antibiotics.


Your health and the health of the millions of tiny good bacteria may depend on it.


Let me ask you a simple question:  What would you do if there was a fire raging inside of you?

And what if you knew that this fire was threatening your health, could cause your body short-term and long-term damage, and could compromise your ability to live and move the way you wanted?

Would you ignore it?    
Or would you do anything you could to put it out?
Of course you’d want to put it out.  And you’d want to do so in a way that was safe, natural, and didn’t leave any additional damage in its wake.
Well, the fact of the matter is that there is a fire burning inside of you.  Medical science calls it inflammation.
If you give me just a few minutes, I’m going to explain exactly what inflammation is (sharing information you’ve probably never heard before) and I’ll tell you how GENESIS, our remarkable new greens supplement, can put out the flames of inflammation.
Inflammation is a natural body response that’s triggered when you experience any type of injury, allergy, or infection.  When working correctly, it reports directly to the site of the problem to provide necessary relief. The problem arises when the response is too intense or doesn’t “turn off” on cue and your body builds up an excessive amount of inflammation that spreads to every cell.  That’s when inflammation becomes the “bad guy” who gets a lot of well-deserved, bad press.  Too much inflammation can negatively affect every area of your body, causing serious sickness, disease, and pain.
Thankfully, GENESIS (greens superfood) has the power to quench the flames of inflammation and help you maintain your energy, strength, good looks, and great health.

For starters, you have to understand the relationship between inflammation and free radicals and how this affects how you look, feel, and perform.  I’ll very briefly explain.
In their natural state, the molecules within our body have pairs of electrons. A free radical, however, is missing one electron and is said to be “unstable.”  In its attempt to become stable, the free radical roams your body haphazardly in search of a molecule from which to steal an electron. Picture a young girl or boy running frantically through an amusement park, bumping into things, doing whatever it takes to get to get to their favorite ride, and you’ll have an idea of the activity of a free radical.  They want nothing more than to become the “stable” molecule Mother Nature intended them to be. But gaining this stability comes at an ironic price: the molecule that’s been stolen from them becomes a free radical and the process begins over and over again in a chain reaction, sort of like Dominoes!
Before you know it, your body’s free radical defense system is overwhelmed, your body is full of free radicals, your cells are going haywire, your system is being primed for sickness and disease, and the flames of inflammation are soaring high!

Antioxidants are one of the few things that can naturally put a halt to this life-threatening free-radical activity.
You see, antioxidants donate one of their own electrons to the crazed free radicals, minimizing their numbers and calming the flames of inflammation.
This brings me to one of the reasons why our greens superfood supplement is so much better than anything else on the market.



You’d have to buy about four cups of blueberries to get the level of antioxidant support you’ll get in a daily serving of GENESIS.
Depending upon where you live, four pounds of organic blueberries could cost as much as $20.00!
A more affordable alternative is to take GENESIS greens powder each day.  For a little over $3 a day, you’ll get the antioxidant protection of blueberries, plus so much more.
I encourage you to give GENESIS a try today.  When you consider all of the benefits it provides, I think you’ll agree that you can’t afford not to.
I’d be lying if I said there weren’t other good greens powder on the market that contained impressive blends of antioxidants. But what other manufacturers have completely missed relates to the concept of “redox balance.” You see, while much of what you hear and read about free radicals is negative, they do perform some very positive, very necessary functions within your body.  (For example, they fight bacteria and they turn water and air into chemical energy.)
So, while you want to properly manage free radicals, you don’t want to destroy them all in the process.
Redox balance refers to your body maintaining just the right amount of antioxidants to keep your free radicals under control, but without destroying too many of them.
It’s a delicate balancing act, but keeping this balance is essential to your overall good health and helps you to keep your metabolism, nervous system, immune system, and cardiovascular system in top working condition.
One of the ways in which GENESIS is superior to other greens products relates to the fact that it includes a precise amount of antioxidants to help you optimize your body’s proper redox balance.  For example, it includes a special Fruit Blend, which includes extracts from a variety of Mother Nature’s most health-enhancing fruits including blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate, aronia, green coffee berries, and acai (known as the Amazonian super fruit).

I understand your desire to get nutritional support through your diet, but get this:
You would have to spend as much as $40 every day in fruits and vegetables alone to equal the antioxidant power found in a daily dosage of GENESIS.

Experts suggest that you supplement your diet with a good greens supplement and GENESIS is truly second to none.

It also includes a hearty Vegetable Blend containing broccoli sprout extract, tomato, alfalfa, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, carrot, and much, much more.
If you’re like most busy adults, you’re not eating these foods on a daily basis, and you’re not getting the antioxidant support that they provide.  Thankfully, GENESIS is packed with enough antioxidant power to put your inflammatory fire out, but still leave the necessary “hot coals” for healthy redox signaling.


It’s also important for you to know that these fruit and vegetable extracts contain both water-soluble and lipid-soluble fractions.  Let me explain…
Water soluble refers to a nutrient that dissolves easily in water and exits your body through excretion.  Lipid soluble, on the other hand, refers to a nutrient that is absorbed through your intestinal tract and is stored within your body.
The fact that GENESIS contains antioxidants that are both water and lipid soluble is significant because it means that they’ll be helpful in all areas of the body – those they go to for storage and those areas that they pass through on their way out of your system.
In addition, many of the fruit and vegetable extracts found in GENESIS are bio-active compounds and that’s more great news for you.
Bio-active compounds are useful in your fight against the flames of inflammation because they stimulate your body to turn on the genes and enzymes that can naturally control and put that fire out!
And, as odd as it may sound, at the same time these compounds can also stimulate your body to turn off the genes that keep the flames blazing.
The actual list of these bio-active, phytonutrient compounds found in nature that are contained in GENESIS would read like an organic chemistry textbook, but just know this:

And when you consider that this support comes, along with a host of other important nutrients, in a convenient portable packet and a delicious taste-tested lemon-lime flavor, you can’t help but conclude that GENESIS is far superior to any other greens powder on the market today..


With its unique Vegetable Blend of the healthiest, hardiest vegetables ever created, GENESIS helps to ensure that you have the support you need to stay well, look good, and even lose a few pounds in the process!  And starting your day with GENESIS, prepares your body to maximize the nutritional benefits of the foods you’ll eat throughout the day.
Go ahead, make your mother proud!  Order GENESIS today.

Yes, it’s true.  And with the number of people concerned about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels on the rise, this is very important for you to understand.

It’s really as simple as this:  When you have insulin resistance, your body has to overcompensate by releasing more insulin, just to keep your blood sugar levels in check.  Insulin resistance is commonplace in individuals who are overweight or have one of many chronic conditions associated with inflammation.
Keep in mind that when you are “insulin resistant,” your lean body mass (muscle and bone) is less efficient at responding to the normal level of insulin required for taking up important nutrients from the blood, such as glucose (blood sugar) and healthy amino acids (building blocks of protein).
When you have Insulin Resistance, or worse yet…high blood sugar, there’s an increased likelihood of you having an inflammatory fire roaring in your body.  And vice versa. In fact, walking around with insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels are thought to be a major cause premature aging!
So, in an attempt to help you to better manage a healthy blood sugar level and an appropriate inflammatory response, we included a special Glycemic Optimizer Blend in our GENESIS formula.
This unique blend contains chromium chelavite™ and biotin, pterostilbenes, and a highly potent water-soluble cinnamon extract.
If insulin resistance is the Riddler in your life, and you’re trying to figure out what you can do to keep it under control, consider biotin and chromium to be your Batman and Robin!
Numerous scientific studies confirm the fact that working together, this dynamic duo can pack a mean one-two punch to keep blood sugar levels healthy and under control.
Cinnamon also helps your body to properly respond to insulin.  For these and many other reasons, we were sure to include cinnamon in GENESIS’ Glycemic Optimizer Blend.
Research reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that one of the many ways that cinnamon positively affects your blood sugar level is by slowing down the rate at which your stomach empties after a meal, along with decreasing the blood sugar response typically seen after consuming a meal.  When this is slowed down, your body has an easier time maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels.
What’s more, GENESIS also contains pterostilbene, an extremely expensive, but very powerful antioxidant also recognized for its ability to help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  The Indians used it centuries ago for this exact reason.
More recently, research studies confirm that pterostilbene supports the cells in your pancreas, which is important since it is the pancreas that secretes insulin.  Pterostilbene can also improve the effectiveness of how insulin receptors work on the surface of your cells, thus promoting insulin sensitivity (decreasing insulin resistance), and calming down the flames of inflammation.


You can get the powerful, staying power of Pterostilbene in every box of GENESIS.  Order your supply today and rest assured knowing that you’re doing your part to keep your blood sugar level healthy, while also putting a serious damper on the flames of inflammation.

Your immune system’s job is to recognize and defend your body against viruses, bacteria, toxins, and any other foreign substance that could cause you harm.
When your immune system senses the presence of such substances, the first thing it does is trigger an inflammatory response.
As we’ve discussed, when that trigger is handled appropriately, you’re defended with just the right help in just the right location.   But when the response is excessive, the flames rage and get out of control.
That’s why we fortified our GENESIS formula with a unique Mushroom Blend that includes extracts of the most beneficial mushrooms Mother Nature ever created.  These mushrooms have just what it takes to help your immune system function at its best.
The Agaricus Blazei Murrill (ABM) mushroom, for example, was first discovered in a mountainous area of Brazil.  Researchers were amazed by how healthy the residents in that region were and marveled at the fact that very, very few of them ever got sick.


After studying the area and its residents for a while, the researchers concluded that the locals’ good fortune could be directly attributed to the fact that they regularly consumed this, the ABM mushroom!
It contains Beta-(1-3)-D-glucan, Beta-(1-4)-a-D-glucan & Beta-(1-6)-D-glucan. Known collectively as Beta-glucans, these long-chain polysaccharides offer your immune system the most potent support available anywhere, from any source.
This particular mushroom is also known for its ability to increase the number of Natural Killer T cells in your body.  These cells are famous for their ability to accurately identify and then destroy the body’s own cells that have been infected by viruses or bacteria.
Other extracts in the GENESIS mushroom blend come from the shiitake, maitake, and cordyceps varieties.  They’re also able to naturally stimulate your immune system to function at its best.
In fact, they even contain complex sugars, as well as beta-glucans, which enable them to activate (and support) specific components of the immune system so that it concentrates on the part of the fire that’s hottest first.  Then it can work in other areas of your body, depending upon the urgency of the need.
At no time is your immune system’s ability weakened!  It’s simply being given the “intelligence” it needs to handle your greatest needs first.
I may be a little biased, but GENESIS is better and more complete than any other product out there, and I should know.  I search the market extensively and study competitive products more than anyone I know.  Friend, I can honestly tell you this: 



Keep reading and I’ll give you even more reasons to believe me.  

GENESIS’ Fiber Blend and Probiotic Blend also support your healthy immune system.

One pouch of GENESIS provides the nutritional support of two cups of steel cut oatmeal!

While you may not always have time to prepare and then enjoy a warm bowl of oatmeal, you do have time to grab a convenient pouch of GENESIS, drop it in 6 to 8 ounces of your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Good nutritional support doesn’t get much easier than this.

I trust you can easily understand why using GENESIS every morning is a no-brainer decision.   It provides a wonderful, hassle-free, great tasting way to get the support you need to look and feel your best.
Though we seldom think about it, your intestinal tract houses a large proportion (approximately 70%) of your immune system! So, keeping your intestinal tract in good condition goes a long way toward preventing harmful substances from entering into your body and keeping the flames of inflammation under control.

One thing you can do to maintain the health of your intestinal tract is to keep it stocked with healthy intestinal flora, also known as “good bacteria” or probiotics.  Here’s why…

For starters, these good bacteria take up room and don’t allow space for “bad bacteria” or other invading substances to get comfortable.  

Secondly, the good bacteria create a barrier through which harmful substances cannot enter.  

Third, the good bacteria actually communicates with certain parts of your immune system and tells them which bacteria to attack, the order in which to attack, and which are safe to ignore.   I think that’s super amazing!

And finally, using an antibiotic obliterates all bacteria (good and bad). So anyone who’s used an antibiotic would benefit greatly from using a probiotic to help recolonize their body with good bacteria. 

So what do you need to do now?

You need to be sure you keep your intestinal tract stocked with good bacteria, and starting each day with GENESIS is one of the easiest ways to do that.  

The formula contains an outstanding Probiotic Blend that provides a plentiful supply of high quality, good bacteria.  They’re all natural substances that fortify what your body makes on its own.  This helps ensure that you always have what you need to function at your best.

GENESIS also contains a healthy Fiber Blend that helps your immune system do its job.

The main ingredient in our fiber blend is Oat Beta-Glucan, which is a highly concentrated form of oat bran.  It contains more beta-glucans than anything else on the planet, making it one of the most effective immune enhancers ever created.

As a recognized “super fiber,” Oat Beta-Glucan also enhances your healthy weight loss efforts and even helps you manage your appetite.

Oat beta-glucan, powerful probiotics, antioxidants, and mushroom extracts and much more can be yours with each and every daily dosage of GENESIS.  You won’t find this type of support anywhere else.

And of equal importance…

Let’s face it, when someone mentions “greens drink” your mind brings up an image of a thick, murky, dark green drink that tastes like mud, right?

Well, our greens drink is nothing like that!
GENESIS is a light green color with a delicious lemon-lime flavor.  And speaking of flavor, we went the extra mile to ensure that this drink tastes great!
We sought the assistance of food experts and tested and tasted until the natural flavors blended in a way that pleased our palates.  When we got to the point that we loved it and wanted to drink more and more of it, we knew we were ready to bring GENESIS to you.
I’ve never known another company to go through any more time, effort, or expense to ensure that good nutrition tastes great, but we did.  After all, you deserve a green drink you don’t have to hold your nose to get down.
GENESIS provides a delicious, convenient way to put out the fire of inflammation, while also keeping your blood sugar healthy and insulin function stable, your digestive tract healthy, and your immune system functioning at its best.  In the process, it helps to keep you vital and strong enough to work, run, and play to your heart’s content and to look great while doing so.
There’s not a greens product out there any more complete or effective than GENESIS. I know you’ll take advantage of the chance you have to order it today.


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Each box contains 30 daily servings of Prograde Genesis.


Every Prograde product comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by putting your trust in Prograde Nutrition!

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By Far The Best-Tasting Greens Powder I’ve Ever Tasted

“I’ve always been someone who could eat or drink anything – no matter how bad it tasted – if it was good for my body.  That’s why I have a special appreciation for Prograde Genesis which is by far the best-tasing greens powder I’ve ever tasted.

Now there’s no quicker or tastier way to get your 5 – 6 servings of fruits and veggies per day, so get it done!”

BJ Gaddour
Fitness Expert and Men’s Health Contributor
Milwaukee, WI

It Makes Me Feel Great!!!!

“As a very busy working mom I decided to try the Genesis green drink from Prograde last week.  It has made a huge impact on me getting in all 10 of my produce servings.  One packet has 4-5 servings of produce plus lots of extras.  I mix it with my post-workout shake along with a few servings of fruit & BAM, just like that I’ve had 6-7 servings by breakfast!

Even if I just drink it like the directions say, I’ve made a huge jump start on my day that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Plus it makes me feet great!  It’s been a week & I cannot believe how much more energy I have and how great I feel.”

Krista Kenney
Shapleigh, Maine

My Clients Actually LOVE The Taste Of It!

“Jayson and I were talking at a national nutrition conference awhile back and he asked me what I thought of greens products.  I said I hate greens products because their ingredient profile is crap plus they taste like you are sucking on a piece of sod.  Yuck.

He assured me Prograde’s Genesis Greens product would not be the same.  I was a bit skeptical, but fast forward several months when I ordered up my first box of Genesis to test it out.  To my surprise he was right!  The ingredient profile was awesome, plus myself and my clients actually LOVE the taste of it! Impressive.”

Mike T. Nelson MS, CSCS
PhD Candidate, Exercise Science

The Easiest And Best Tasting Greens Supplement On The Market


“Prograde Nutrition has once again outdone themselves!  Prograde Genesis is by far the easiest and best tasting greens supplement on the market.  It’s easy to mix, even easier to drink and tastes great!

Thank you Prograde for giving me another quality product to recommend to my clients and a new secret weapon to add to my own regimen!”

Tyler English
Canton, CT
WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder
Strength and Conditioning Specialist


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Prograde Nutrition was started by two fitness professionals. Jim and Ryan, who were fed up with the traditional nutritional products for their clients.


Before Prograde, there were essentially two choices for fitness professionals.


– “Vitamin” stores with pushy sales people selling products people don’t need

– Cheap supplements with poor quality ingredients


Jim and Ryan wanted to do something very simple…

Create the highest-quality nutritional supplements for their clients at reasonable prices – without hard-sell.


So the first thing they did was recruit world-class nutritionist Jayson Hunter to head up research and development. Then gave Jayson free reign to create the perfect supplements that work.


No fluff and no confusing, unnecessary “stacks.” Just the basics that will give their clients results – period!


Then Jim and Ryan did something unheard of.


To make sure there were no unqualified people recommending their products to people who don’t need it (just to make a buck), they took a big risk.


They decided only qualified health and fitness professionals could recommend Prograde products. That’s it.


–So if you want only the highest quality nutritional supplements that really work – then you have found the right place.





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Article By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES



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