The Brain Workout – Start Exercise Now

The Brain Workout – Start Exercise Now

By David D Grisaffi

The human brain has evolved through centuries of evolution to become just as it is. The result is for everyone to see. From the period in pre history when we first learnt how to light fire to this moment when we are sending electromagnetic signals into space; we have evolved. This has become possible through excessive amount of effort and patience. The same is true for an individual.

It is as simple as building your body. It needs to workout to become efficient, so does the brain. And the brain workout does not necessarily refer to a complex psychological process. It may be as easy as playing simple games and watching television as little as possible. All you need to do to improve your cognitive skills, memory and other brain-stuff is to follow a routine and stick to it. So if you are up to that, start working now.

Improving our cognitive skills

For brain improvement, the first step to take is definitely to make a plan of the do’s and don’ts. The brain of ours is indeed a complex one but even simple procedures which make the blood flow through brain good, can be used as a way to improve our brain. Some of the steps would be like playing simple games (various websites offer these.

You can also download the free games available. For example, Sudoku is an excellent game for this purpose), solving crosswords (builds the concentration muscles), eating healthy food (fish oil, nuts, walnuts), physical exercise (“a sound mind lives in a sound body”), learning new skills regularly etc.

You might want to find a place which is quiet and make yourself physically comfortable while doing these (you can’t concentrate if you are tired or hungry). Other very effective ways include read something new everyday (helps to build your analytical abilities), meditation (this can be a little tougher, but very much effective), telling your stories to others and talking to intelligent people (really helps us with cognitive skills), and of course turn your idiot box off.

Improving our memory

Our memory is another area most people find they are weak or weakening over years. Memory improvement techniques may help us to prevent that (unless you have some illness or disease like the Alzheimer’s or Amnesia). We forget common things like shopping list, works-to-do, and perhaps the most common keys and umbrellas. However, a memory skill can help preventing our memory loss and aging memory problem. The same about brain improvement tips are applicable: not so hard. The easiest way is to use mnemonics, using our whole mind, tell stories etc.

A brain workout is a reliable way to help us with brain improvement and memory improvements. So start working today.

David Grisaffi majored in physical education and is a certified high performance exercise kinesiologist with the prestigious CHEK institute. David holds a total of 6 certifications, he is a high school wrestling and baseball coach as well as an independent trainer and strength coach. David is the author of Firm And Flatten Your Abs an online best seller which teaches you how to lose body fat and develop ‘six pack abs’ while improving strength, function and athletic power at the same time. You can contact David or learn more about his programs at

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