Severe Acne Natural Cures

Severe Acne Natural Cures

Severe Acne Natural Cures

Severe Acne Natural Cures

Severe Acne Natural Cures Article

Natural Remedies for Severe Acne: Treating Acne & Skin Pimples the Right Way

Having dry skin is a huge inconvenience. It causes the skin to itch and flake, as if the face has dandruff. Worse, it contributes heavily to the appearance of acne, acting as a habitable area for bacteria. Natural remedies for severe acne can be used to treat pimples, flakes, blackheads and skin discoloration – as long as they work with your skin condition.

Treating Dry Skin

Since dry skin is a farm for acne, the initial recourse is to provide moisture, to make it smooth and supple. Picking off the pimples and flakes is easy from there. Using facial wash or a facial scrub is good strategy, as it smoothens the face and acts as an effective pimples remedy.

A cheaper alternative is milk. The energy drink’s consistency and active ingredients make it an excellent natural scrub. Toss in oats and honey to hasten your face’s recovery period. Topical Vitamin E and zinc also work wonders; in fact, they help relieve pimples even faster. The trick is to have a healthy habit of washing your face twice or thrice a day.

Dry Skin Pimples Remedy

When your skin has been treated, the next step is to get rid of the pimples and other unwanted markings. Lots of natural remedies for severe acne are available. You can start off by applying lemon solution on acne. The natural pimples remedy is harsh on pustules and papules. Not only that, they clear off the pores, which gradually diminishes acne scars.

Rose water and aloe vera extract are both byproducts of herbs, and their cleansing properties quickly eradicate unwanted facial marks and irritations. Apply any of the two solutions in conjunction with washing your face. Not before long, pimples, even the deep ones, will be gone.


Having healthy supple skin, in the end, doesn’t mean that your job is done. You should take careful measures to ensure that both dry skin and acne won’t return. Wash your face regularly, especially after work or a strenuous activity. A large deposit of dirt can clog up the pores, which in turn, leads to a severe acne attack. Have your pimples remedy ready in case it does happen.

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Steve Winton is an author, blogger and an authority on acne solutions. Check out his blog at Natural Remedies For Severe Acne and discover how he completely eliminated acne quick

Natural Cystic Acne Treatment – Fast and Easy Cure

Natural Cystic Acne Treatment

Natural Cystic Acne Treatment

By Bryan Hubert

The natural cystic acne treatment is a fairly simple method to curing the severe case of acne. The method is based on changing a few things in your diet to take control over your hormones by optimizing, balancing, and manipulating them. A completely natural cystic acne treatment that will cure your acne for good.

What does my hormones have to do with my acne?
Many may ask, “What do hormones have to do with my acne?”. Well the truth is that high levels of hormones is the main cause of acne, include cystic acne. During the stages of puberty is when hormone levels rise, which is the reason teenagers are commonly affected by acne. High levels of hormones cause oil glands to become overactive. When this happens, the oil and dead skins cells clog pores in your skin. When pores become clog with bacteria, they become infected and acne occurs.

By taking control of your hormones and balancing them, you are able to control of your acne. In days you will see dramatic results in your skin.

Tips to Preventing Acne
o Wash your face, at the most, twice a day. Use warm water only.
o Change pillow cases every couple days. This will help decrease the amount of oil that is on your face at night.
o Do not touch your face. Keep your hair out of your face.
o Eat healthy, fibrous foods. Foods like whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits.

You should treat your acne in the early stages because if not, scarring may occur. It is never too late to use the natural cystic acne treatment to cure your acne. It is a method that is safe, no scarring will occur, and very effective.

But the best way to prevent these causes of severe acne is by changing your diet. I have reviewed a few resources that will tell exactly how to change your diet, tell you what to eat and what not to eat along with other methods to cure your acne at Natural Cures for Acne The best thing about these methods is that they are 100% natural methods to cure acne.

I was an acne sufferer for over 5 years. I tried every acne treatment you can think off, but nothing was working. I finally found the cure to my acne was all in my diet. To cure your acne naturally by stopping the main causes, check out my natural acne cure reviews, like my Acne Free in 3 Days Review

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Effectively Natural Cures For Severe Acne

More and more people are considering Severe Acne Natural Cures to be the greatest solution to their acne issues and this has led to fewer people rushing to use over-the-counter medications. There are a several advantages to using natural cures for acne

If your skin is very oily, you can apply alcohol to a cotton ball and gently wipe your face. Alcohol does dry out the skin which you have to watch out for. Daily exfoliation is also a great way to have good skin as it removes the buildup of dead skin cells. Exfoliation works well to remove any blackheads and whiteheads, while giving you a glowing complexion.

Tamanu oil is one of those lesser known ingredients in products promising to cure body acne. It blends perfectly with anti-acne creams. It also soothes dry skin, and helps heal acne scars. You can find this ingredient in scar ointments, acne relief pads, body creams, skin oils, and body washes.

Garlic is probably the most universal item when you are talking about natural cures for anything, it has so many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to it, that has to mentioned. To use garlic as a natural cure for acne, simply rub a fresh peeled clove on and around your acne, and your pimples will almost immediately start to disappear like magic.

Use anti acne skin products a little at a time, then after your skin has grown accustomed to it, apply the appropriate amount. This will give your skin and system chance to interact with the medication or product efficiently. This method will also make you least susceptible to adverse effects of possible skin allergies.

The importance of treating the medical condition first is emphasized by the following: If there is no medical condition that causes acne, it cannot be cured. Acne caused by a non-medical source can only be controlled. to diminish acne and prevent new pimples from forming, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Avoid excessive starches, sugars, and fatty or fried foods. Avoid tea and coffee, pickles, condiments, refined and processed foods, soft drinks, candy, and ice cream as much as possible. For severe acne, an all fruit diet for one week followed by raw foods and sprouts for one week should give you a tremendous improvement in the skin.

Generally acne occurs because of changes in the person’s hormones or because of bad food habits and even because of unsuitable skin care. If these are reasons you feel also apply in your case, you need to start thinking seriously about solving your issues through natural cures for acne or two.

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Author is an online medical researcher on acne treatment and skin care. Click read more on home acne treatment, Acne Cyst Treatment. Nodular Acne Treatment

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