Natural Treatments Of Anxiety and Depression

Treatments Of Anxiety and Depression – Natural Treatments Of Anxiety and Depression

By John Gibb

There is a wide variety of treatments of Anxiety and Depression. Some of them are prescribed anti-depressants, psychotherapy, and medical procedures such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (shock treatments). With the exception of psychotherapy, there are serious side effects that are linked to these treatments. The trend is turning toward the use of more natural treatments of Anxiety and Depression. The main reason is that the side effects can be very serious and put patients in dangerous situations. Many people do not want to put anything that is not natural into their bodies.

B Vitamins for Depression

B vitamins are water soluble and there are eight of them. Each B vitamin in itself is unique but they are found in groups in foods. Together they are called B-Complex. B vitamins may also be identified by individual names such as B1-Thiamine,
or B2- Riboflavin. B vitamins are an integral aid in cell metabolism.

Omega 3/DHA Esters

Omega 3/ DHA Esters are both found in fish oil. They are rich in essentially fatty acids. These are important in cell integrity. Fish oil can be gotten from many fish but the best source may be the Hoki fish that resides in the cold, southern oceans of New Zealand. The best source of Omega 3/DHA Esters comes from the oil in the bodies of fish.

Herbal Treatments

Herbs can be used alone as treatments of Anxiety and Depression or they can be grouped with other herbs that affect mood into a supplement form, typically a capsule. The advantage of using herbs is that you forego any of the horrible side effects of prescribed anti-depressants.

Herbs that affect mood include Chamomile known for its sleep aid properties. Dandelion root which aids in digestion and in treating liver ailments. Passion flower aids anxiety, insomnia and nervousness. Passion flower also aids in controlling mood swings.

The best supplements use standardized herbal extracts. The reason for this is that the most active ingredients are found in them. To further ensure that you are getting the best supplement possible, be sure to read the label. The ingredients will have had their metabolic paths tested at the molecular level and how the ingredients interact will also have been evaluated. They should also have been made to pharmaceutical standards.
This ensures that you are getting what the labels say you are getting, the potency, efficacy, and safety as well.

Herbal supplements are safe to use but before adding them to your health regimen be sure to talk to your doctor. If you are taking prescriptions for other conditions the herbal supplement could lessen the effects of those prescriptions.


Natural remedies are every bit as effective as pharmaceutical medications. B vitamins, herbs, and Omega 3/DHA Esters are all good alternative treatments to drugs. The natural treatments may be paired with other therapies such as psychotherapy to get the best results possible.

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