Natural Treatment for Depression

The Natural Treatment for Depression

By Timothy Tavender

Depression is an illness that needs to be attended to. It affects the general well being of a person particularly the thoughts, mood and body. There are no known causes of depression but the risk factors include medications, physical/medical illness, hormonal, family history and stress. The factors are known to put the person at risk of going into a state of depression. While there are known treatments for depression, chances are it can recur at any given time if not properly managed. The underlying causes of depression must be addressed to avoid recurrence.

Treatments include a combination of medications and psychotherapy or depending on the underlying cause and degree, it can either be through medication or psychotherapy. People afflicted with depression manifest symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, restlessness and feelings of helplessness, guilt, worthlessness and pessimism.

Dealing with the illness is a gargantuan task because it involves patience, courage and strength from the same person who has the disease. It also entails resilience in managing the obstacles and constraints that block a person from overcoming depression. Many people who suffer from depression are those who cannot accept failures in things they are so fixated at. The patterns of failures thus lead them to depression.

Clinical scientists and the realms of behavioral sciences are continuously finding new ways of depression therapies. However, there are also tried and tested techniques, besides medications, to overcome depression. Psychological research studies show that physical exercises such as jogging, walking and other aerobic activities have significantly reduced the depressive state a person is in. Psychotherapy is a major therapy for depression. This involves a dialogue between the person with depression and a psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy Methods

There are a number of methods engaged in psychotherapy to alleviate the condition. Normally, psychotherapists use a wide range of methods and requires the patient to be involved in a communication with the therapist. This is generally known as the talking therapy to improve on the person’s personal well-being. Sometimes, besides the patient himself/herself, psychotherapists will engage the family of the patient (family therapy) in the talking therapy. Other psychotherapy approaches include the behavioral cognitive therapy, music and arts appreciation to brighten the mood.

Nutritional Therapy

Food rich in serotonin are mood regulators. Serotonin is known to make people happy and excited and thus, decrease the chances of depression. Mostly, this is the carbohydrate-rich and sweets/sugary snacks. Chocolates is one of the best known mood regulator. Other food rich in serotonin are potatoes and vegetables and low-fat cereals. Protein-rich food are to be avoided.

Herbal Treatment

The most common alternative to any disease is the herbal treatment. For depression, St. John’s Wort is said to be help boost the serotonin levels, therefore brightening the person’s mood and reducing depressive feelings and stress. Other herbs include ginko biloba, passion flower and kava kava.

Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle modification is also recommended to help reduce depression. Vices such as drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking must be avoided, if not minimized. A restful evening helps. Work style and relationships can also be modified to lessen the stress that can lead to depression.

Make your life healthier and happier and fight depression by making the right choices.

Tim Tavender is a Personal Trainer with ten years experience running his own businesses. He has written for National Newspapers, Magazines and has been the BBC Radio Fitness Expert in the South of England. He recommends The New Knowledge for Natural Depression Treatment.

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Best All Natural Depression Treatments

By John Gibb

Anti-depressants are very effective treatments but come with some very serious side effects including suicidal thinking. If you or someone you know is at this point seek or get them help immediately. Every mention or threat of suicide is to be taken very seriously.

In an effort to avoid these side effects people are turning toward natural treatments. Herbal supplements and vitamins are the treatments of choice for many desiring natural treatments for their depression. There are other treatments that do not use anti-depressants, herbal supplements, or medical procedures. They are natural because the body uses energy. These treatments are often used with anti-depressants or herbal supplements.

Herbal Supplements Treatments

Herbal supplements are very popular and have been for centuries. Ancient tribes and Shaman used them in tribal ceremonies and in healing or treating injuries and illnesses.
Herbs that are known to affect mood are blended in a formula with vitamins and minerals as well as other nutritional substances.

Before they are manufactured each ingredient’s metabolism at the molecular level should be tested. The interactions of the ingredients’ should have been examined as well. When being manufactured they should have been made to pharmaceutical grade standards. This guarantees the potency, the safety, and the effectiveness of the supplements. It also tells you, the consumer, that what the label says is in the supplement actually is in there.

Vitamins, B vitamins in particular, are an option for Depression treatments. B vitamins include a group of eight water-soluble vitamins. They must be restored daily since being water soluble they will pass through the body in urine. B vitamins are important in cell metabolism. The group of these vitamins is called B- Complex vitamins.

The B Vitamins are B1 called Thiamine. B2 is Riboflavin. B3 is Niacin and also known as vitamin P or vitamin PP. B5 is Pantothenic Acid. B6 is Pyroxidine. B7 is Biotin and is also known as vitamin H. B9 is Folic Acid and is known as vitamin M and vitamin Bc.
B12 is called Cobalamin.

The benefits of B vitamins include increased metabolism, muscle tone, and skin tone. They work to help fight symptoms of stress, depression, and cardio-vascular diseases.
They promote cell growth and metabolism including red blood cells which prevents Anemia.

Other treatments

Exercise helps to release brain chemicals to allow the muscles to be used appropriately. Meditation, Yoga, and Progressive Relaxation practices, help to allow the brain to relax and calm the nervous system and the mind.


The best all-natural Depression treatments include vitamins especially B vitamins. Herbal supplements are blended with vitamins, minerals and other nutritive substances. Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation are also options and mostly used in conjunction with other treatments.

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