Natural Health Supplements

Natural Health Supplements

By Ronald Andersen

Many people take natural health supplements as a way of coping with the stress and pressures of life, while others simply take them because they believe that vitality plus good health benefits will be the result over the long term. In many cases natural health supplements have undergone extensive experiments to determine their value for human health.

In other cases where no scientific study has been undertaken, word of mouth has been enough to popularise specific supplements. When enough people take a natural health supplement and find their symptoms ease considerably, then it doesn’t take long for word to get out in the community. For instance, many people took vitamin C for coughs and colds long before it was proven scientifically to work.

Rhodiola rosea is a natural health supplement that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. And since much of modern day disease is the result of living a stressful lifestyle for too long, it can also be said to help prevent such diseases from occurring. Rhodiola rosea is a small plant that grows only at high elevations or where it is very cold. Its flowers can be white, pink or yellow and it has a scent rather like a rose. Other names for this plant are golden root or Aaron’s rod.

Ginkgo biloba is otherwise known as the maidenhair tree due to its foliage that closely resembles the maidenhair fern. But ginkgo biloba is actually a tree and described as a living fossil. Extracts from the leaves of the tree are used in tablet form for circulatory ailments, particularly in regard to blood flow to the brain. It is said to increase memory function in elderly individuals who suffer from poor memory function due to lack of blood flow. Other components of ginkgo biloba contain strong antioxidants that attack those damaging free radicals in our bodies. For this reason it is considered to be an anti aging health supplement.

Ronald Andersen is a fitness instructor and has been working in the field for more than 15 years.


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