List of Brain Food

List of Brain Food

List of Brain Food

List of Brain Food

By D M Cavoly

There is no substitute for well balanced eating choices. This list of brain food is not a substitute, but additional ideas for a more varied selection of good-for-you foods. These items are also especially good for your brain. It is a fact that if your diet doesn’t keep up with the necessary vitamins and nutrients, your body and your brain will suffer.

Maintaining a healthy brain is key to living a long fulfilling life. You can increase your chances by adding what is considered “smart” foods and beverages to your routine.

Eat Breakfast every morning.

It is a fact that the study done with students who ate breakfast vs students who did not eat breakfast has shown eating breakfast will help you to perform significantly better. The first part of the key is to eat the correct breakfast food. The list of brain food for breakfast consumption includes dairy, fruits, and high-fiber grains. The second part to this key is not to over eat as that will have the opposite effect and can actually hinder your concentration.

Caffeine in moderation.

Coffee, tea, energy drinks, most soda, and cocoa (chocolate) all contain caffeine. Caffeine is not really considered a healthy choice. Having small amounts of caffeinated food items can energize and help you focus for the short-term. If you drink or eat too much, it will make you nervous or shaky. Remember that some medications can have caffeine for an ingredient. One over-the-counter commonly purchased, for example, is the migraine headache medicines.

Blueberries are your friend.

Blueberries help protect the brain from the damage caused by free radicals. Blueberries are also thought to help reduce effect of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The research into the wonderful fruit has also shown diets rich in blueberries to improve both the learning and muscle functions of aging rats. The improvement is considerable as it makes them mentally equivalent to much younger rats.

List of Brain Food

List of Brain Food

Learn where glucose comes from.

The brain works with sugar (glucose) as its fuel. Glucose from carbohydrates, not table sugar. Eating three meals and possibly one or two snacks at the same time every day will help keep your blood glucose levels more consistent. Three food groups contain carbohydrates:

The Starch and Starchy Vegetables Group

The Fruit Group

The Milk and Yogurt Group

One serving from each of these groups contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates. Another way to find out how many grams of carbohydrates are in a particular amount of food is to read the Nutrition Facts label on the back of a product for total carbohydrates, not just sugar.

Nuts or dark chocolate can be your snacks.

A one ounce portion daily of nuts or seeds is a source of the antioxidant vitamin E. Vitamin E is thought to help with lessening cognitive decline as you age. Dark chocolate eaten daily in the same one ounce serving contains other potent antioxidant properties. Try not to eat more than this because the antioxidant benefits stop, but the calories do not.

Add whole grains and avocados for blood flow.

A healthy brain depends on blood flow. Whole grains and fruits like avocados help reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and lowers bad cholesterol. Lower cholesterol in turn reduces any plaque build up and keeps the blood flow at its optimum. Don’t worry about the fat in the avocados. It is monounsaturated fat which is the good kind and also contributes to that healthy blood flow.

Sustainable, non mercury fish is food for thought.

Fish is one of the most important items on the list of brain food. Fish is needed for its omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential for brain function and development. The omega 3 fatty acids help with lowering dementia, stroke risks, slowing mental decline, and can enhance memory – especially as we get older.

Two servings of sustainable, non mercury fish a week is all that is necessary. To find out which types of fish are safe to eat and not over fished check out the free, down-loadable pocket guide at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch website. They even have a Sushi Guide.

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