How To Lose Your Weight Fast to Look Good

How To Lose Your Weight Fast to Look Good And Without Being Hungry

How To Lose Your Weight Fast to Look Good

by Abimbola Ade

How To Lose Weight Fast To Look Good And Without Being Hungry
Blood sugar control in our body is determined by insulin. One of the main function of insulin is to send signals to fat cells which are specialized cells in the body whose main purpose is to build stored fat. To make fat cells release the fat we need to reduce insulin levels by changing the food that we eat. That is by reducing carbohydrate in the diet.
Improved: Health And Weight Loss
Researchers have compare low carb to low fat diets. They need to actively restrict the calories in the low fat group while the low carb group can eat as much as they want.
Low carb diets are also healthier. They can improve blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol and cause a great amount of fat loss than the low fat diet. This promising research has not yet made its way to the official dietary guidelines.
How much can you eat in a day:The only thing you need to do is to restrict carbohydrates.
steady Weight Loss: Take under 100grams of carb per day.
Fast Weight Loss:Take under 50grams of carbs per day. If you are a 300 or 400 pound lifter, then you will probably need more carbs than this. It is important to experiment and find what works best for yourself.
Healthy Foods That Can Make You Healthy
Take healthy carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oat and some others. Natural foods that are high in fat are actually very nutritious and healthy and these should form the majority of your calories on a low carb diet. When you reduce carbs then replace them with protein and fat e.g meat, egg, fish, butter, cheese.
When you are cutting back on calories in order to lose weight, you may struggle with feeling hungry. Your best defense will be to choose foods that have a high fullness factor. These are foods that fill you up with fewer calories. That means that you are probably going to feel a lot more full if you eat 200 calories worth of baked potato than if you eat 200 calories worth of potato chips.
Lose Weight By Eating More
Food that have a high water or fiber content add bulk to your meals, so you feel satisfied without having to eat more calories than you should.
Fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber and water. So even if you eat a big fat tomato, its going to be low in calories. Such foods are called low energy density meaning they have relatively few calories compared with what the food weigh.
At the other end are high energy density foods like cheese, crackers and fatty meats. They contain a lot of calories relative to how heavy they are, so you may have to eat a ton of these foods before you have had enough. If people had some low energy density foods to their low calorie meal, it will look hearty and satisfying. They will spend more time eating and enjoying the food and the increased volume will make stomach receptors to signal to our brain that we are full. This can make people to be less driven to take in more calories.

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Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight Permanently

How To Lose Your Weight Fast to Look Good

By Ivy Brown

With growing number of obese people allover the world, weight loss methods have become a growing business. Everywhere from television to newspapers, there are advertisements for innovative and quick weight losing methods to attract every overweight person. But in most cases these instant weight losing method can only make you loose your money rather than your weight. To lose weight permanently it is not necessary to go for any much advertised weight reduction clinic. You can reduce your weight without spending a single penny just by changing your eating habit and lifestyle.

Here are some useful and tested methods for losing weight:

  • Change your eating habit: changing your eating habit is most important if you want to really loose fat. Don’t go for oily and fatty foods. Choose fruits and vegetable salads instead of French fries. A large serving of French fries on an average contains more than 450 calories. Reduce consumption of butter, margarine, oils, creams, cheese, ice-cream etc. Drink plenty of water rather than soft drink. Soft drinks are calorie rich even diet colas have junk calories.
  • Atkins diets: Atkins diets are very useful for losing weight without going hungry. By using this diet experts believe that in most cases people lose 10-30 pounds in the first month. You can eat all types of delicious food and no need to consume tasteless low calories food. it works on the principle of limiting your daily carbohydrate intake and increasing the use of protein rich diet.
  • Limit intake of sugar and alcohol: Avoid extra-added sugar foods like fruits punch, desserts, candy, and soft drinks. Alcohols are high in calories, so limit your intake of bear and wines. Remember that your eating habit and life style is very important
  • Slow down your eating: The human brain takes 10 to 20 minutes to get a message from stomach when you are full but if you eat too fast, you would take more calories than actually needed.
  • Increase physical activities: biggest reason behind obesity is today’s sedentary lifestyle. Most overweight people are physically not so active. So if you want to remove fat from your tummy go for walking, jogging, running according to your time and interest. 30-45 minutes regular exercise will definitely increase fitness and tone up your body.
  • Take small meals: Taking 5-6 small meals in a day is better than 1 or 2 large meals. Small means ensures continuous supply of energy in your body and you never feel hungry.
  • Surgery: Surgery is instant and the last option to lose weights permanently but is not advisable as a weight losing method because it is expensive and brings in significant heath risk.

However, there are several controversial methods that bombard a small “how to lose weight” society. Most people do not know and take advantages of the methods. Find out all the methods at How to lose weight permanently [].

Ivy is a mother of three. She never succeeded in losing weight despite trying many so called proven weight loss methods until she found the secret methods. Find out her secrets at How to lose weight naturally and healthily [].

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