How To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly FatHow To Lose Belly Fat

Many are expecting that one day we will have a flat stomach and thus maintenance will not be too complicated though the truth for a lot of us is that this no more than a vision and it often does not translate into reality. The key to getting a flat stomach is losing weight the healthy way through the medium of exercise and a wise diet and keeping the weight off. This is how to lose belly fat.


Achieving weight loss is much more important than crunches and sit ups because no amount of these flat stomach workouts will lead you to flat abs . Whether you’re a male or female and just desire a flat stomach or flat abs additionally it is necessary to trim your body fat percentage and get it down to a reduced enough level where stomach workouts will consequently be the finishing touches just like icing on the cake.


Exercise doesn’t have to be backbreaking work. Cardio can be very effective, short burst workouts has been revealed to produce higher levels of fat burning and get rid of stomach fat then slow long duration exercise. Sprinting around the park is also a lot more fun than jogging a slow speed especially if your feeling competitive and could do with to race your fellow partner!


Exercise in combination with a good flat stomach diet will bring on good weight loss results. Eating foods that are good for you and which have high fat burning properties will jump start your weight loss and you will be on your way to a flatter stomach in no time. Keep in mind this is easier spoken than done in many instances finding the motivation to exercise can be very bothersome indeed. To push yourself set yourself goals and inspect your improvement on the scale (and midsection) every two weeks or so.


Whether you are looking for a slim stomach or flat abs reducing belly fat requires a lot of patience and perseverance and there are no short term solutions or easy answers. Losing weight permanently requires a change of eating habits and increasing exercise taken. Going back to your old eating habits after a diet will result in the pounds piling back on.  Yo-yo dieting does not work in the long run and will lead to poor self image. Crash diets are also very unhealthy and can lead to deterioration in health. Achieving a flat belly requires eating healthy foods and engaging in the most effective form of physical activity. No amount of crunches will result in a flat belly if you are obese. As mentioned in previous posts, reducing stomach fat must be done via cardio and proper diet. This is because crunches on its own do nothing to burn stomach fat, the only effective means of getting ridding of stubborn belly fat is by way of cardio and diet.


Making changes to your eating habits as well as the quantity of physical exercise you take every day will result in a normal size which is better then the yo-yo way of losing and regaining and then losing again. Keep in mind that eating healthy does not mean limiting calories to extreme levels and you can always treat yourself within limits for instance if you have 1 tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar reduce this with less sugar and drink less frequently. Last but not least, don’t get suckered in by the fad diets instead utilize powerful techniques that will yield results for the long term.

1 Strange Way To Lose Belly Fat

Your body has billions of tiny bacteria which keep you healthy.

These same bacteria aid your immune system which helps you fight off infections and HARMFUL bacteria from invading your body.

As a recap, you are born sterile, meaning you are free from any BACTERIA and toxins.

When you take your first sip of breast milk, she is introducing HEALTHY bacteria to your body, where they colonize in your intestines.

You not only get bacteria from breast milk, but also from the environment.

As you get older, you are slowly weaned from breast milk once you start to ingest solid foods.

At this point, the bacteria have fully made their home in your intestines, and have already started to PROTECT you!

They help fight off infections, aid the immune system to launch attacks against foreign bodies which are harmful, and may also protect you from different allergens you might be exposed to.

Essentially, these healthy bacteria, which have made their homes in your intestines, are slowly and methodically protecting you from dangerous microbes.

You know, the kind which can make you SICK.

These same bacteria which keep you healthy may also help aid in WEIGHT LOSS!

That sound you just heard?  That’s right, it was your mind getting blown away!

The research is still young, but promising to say the least!

There is still a lot to understand about how these bacteria may aid in weight loss, but what has come out so far is nothing short of AMAZING.

To start, Japanese researchers showed that supplementing diets with a strain of Lactobacillus bacteria resulted in a reduction of abdominal fat by 4.6%, and your subcutaneous fat dropped by 3.3%!

Other factors which were included showed a decrease in body weight, BMI, and waist and hip circumference.

The results were over the course of 12 weeks with supplementation of 200g/day!

But there’s more.  Let me explain…

There is other research pointing to a special blend of Lactobacillus, a strain which has been fortified with a special type of fatty acid, CLA.

CLA fatty acid has been linked to weight loss in both animals and humans.

You see, research has shown another popular type of bacteria in your intestines, Bifidobacterium, can be converted into t10, c12-CLA.

They wanted to see if they could mimic the natural conversion and get the same results.

What is the importance of t10, c12 -CLA?

I am glad you asked!

The bacteria strain was modified to include t10, c12-CLA, and showed tremendous potential in the body.

This modified bacterial strain changed the fatty acid composition in fat tissue and other organs.

They noticed that by introducing CLA, there was a four-fold increase in CLA in adipose tissue and a 2.5 fold increase in CLA in the liver.

CLA can act as a potent antioxidant in your body.  By increasing CLA, you may help reduce inflammation and may reduce fat stores.

In fact, t10, c12-CLA has already been shown to reduce fat stores in humans.

Now here comes the MOST important aspect of weight loss.

When you are overweight, you may encounter different health related problems.

Things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and having that extra weight to carry around are not the only things you need to worry about.

Research is starting to show the exact gut flora, which keeps you healthy, is different when you are overweight.

Confused?  Let me explain.

Bacteria have the ability to adapt to its surroundings.  In overweight individuals, gut flora tends to be different than that of lean individuals, requiring different nutrients to make them work.

When these same overweight or obese individuals lost weight, the gut flora changed to mimic that of a lean individual.

Gut flora in your intestines has the ability to keep you healthy by aiding the immune system in fighting off toxic bacteria.

These same bacteria may now be an important key to weight loss.

Gut flora has the ability to alter itself to adapt to its surroundings.  This may aid the body in proper processing of nutrients.

This may be the KEY to keeping your WEIGHT in CHECK helping you to maintain your chiseled, lean look.

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Is This Nature’s Sneakiest Fat Cell Shrinker?

There are many different factors that cause you to gain weight.

And this weight gain is a huge DRAIN on your energy and hormone levels.

One of the biggest risk factors, according to some research, is inflamed FAT CELLS.

Inflamed fat cells could decrease hormone production and FAT-UTILIZING proteins from being released.

So your body could lack the ability to tell you when you are full.

But ONE change to your diet could increase your ability to bring sick fat cells back to NORMAL.

Inflammation sometimes can be caused by damage from free radicals.


Free radicals are a byproduct of metabolism, and cause MASSIVE DAMAGE and increased INFLAMMATION

So to stop free radical damage, you increase fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, into your diet.

This can potentially increase your antioxidant level, which could increase your ability to scavenge and DESTROY free radicals.

Astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid found in krill, algae, and other marine life, could be a new way to help you lose weight.

And, research shows, Astaxanthin could fight and prevent metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

When your fat cells are inflamed, it reduces the secretion of fat burning hormones.

And extra weight changes the way your body utilizes insulin.

It could be caused by a weak insulin signal or your cells’ inability to utilize insulin correctly.

No matter what the problem is, it could lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and others.

However, administration of 50 mg/day for 22 weeks drastically improved the health of FAT CELLS in mice.

Researchers determined that the mice experienced drastic changes in their metabolic health.

They noticed a decrease in systolic blood pressure and an increase in HDL cholesterol.

Intake of Astaxanthin was able to SHRINK the size of thier FAT cells.

Astaxanthin could also increase the secretion of Adiponectin, a potent protein secreted by fat cells, and Adiponectin’s ability to communicate with your brain.

Adiponectin also can improve glucose and lipid metabolism.

This could decrease plasma trigyclerides and fatty acids found in your bloodstream.

More importantly, Astaxanthin has been shown to significantly reduce blood sugar levels and improve the regulation of insulin.

Astaxanthin, research suggests, SHRINKS fat cells and could  increase INSULIN SENSITIVITY


Increase Your Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid that has beeb linked to many different health benefits.

Research shows that Astaxanthin could improve insulin sensitivity which could lead to better insulin levels and improved blood sugar control.

It could also increase the secretion of Adiponectin, which may SHRINK your FAT CELLS.

By increasing your intake of fatty fish, shellfish, or supplementing with a Krill Oil supplement, you might increase your dietary intake of Astaxanthin.

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Articles By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

Now you can ‘upgrade” your Omega-3 rich Fish Oil capsules to ones that are proven 47 times more effective for your health …. and for no additional cost!
As you know, leading natural health experts recommend everyoneshould be taking Fish Oil. The main reason is the Omega 3 antioxidants in it reduce health-killing free radicals in your body.But this breaking new research proves you should upgrade from your regular fish oil because a new kind works much better. It gives you more of the health benefits you want most – now and in the future.
The news is that Krill Oil has proven far superior to regular Fish Oil for your health. In fact, a recent McGill University study by R.Bunea, M.D., K. Farrah, M.D. and L. Deutsch, M.D. showed:

 Good Cholesterol rose 10 times more than with regular fish oil. (HDL 44% vs. 4.2%)

 Bad Cholesterol dropped 16 times more than with regular fish oil. (LDL 32% vs. 2%)

 PAIN reduced 3 times more in only seven days than with regular fish oil (-30 vs. -10; study at Western Ontario and McMaster University WOMAC scores)

Here are more proven clinical study results …

 FASTER and EASIER WEIGHT LOSS by improved glucose metabolism and stabilization of blood sugar levels

 BETTER HEART HEALTH by reducing inflammation

 Prevention of blood clots and high blood pressure that lead to heart attack and stroke

 Reduced risk of death from heart problems. “It reduces the risk of forming a blood clot – a major factor in heart attacks” write authors Dr. Frank Ryan and Dr Reg Saynor, who turned 80 earlier this year, looking barely a day over 50 – a fact he credits to this SuperFood supplement!

 Decreased joint pain

 Improves mood and provides relief of PMS symptoms for women

As you can plainly see, you get a lot more health benefits to make you feel and look your best, relieve your health problems naturally, and help prevent serious illnesses.


Prograde ® EFA Icon Krill Oil is a revolutionary and quantum improvement for your health.

You see, the fish or crustracean we use to get our fish oil from is NOT the cheap stuff, but is Krill oil. Krill oil is very different than regular fish oil. If you haven’t heard of Krill before, its because its very hard to get. Krill are small crustaceans found in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. The extraction of oil from Krill is a relatively new technology.

        Prograde ® EFA Icon Krill Oil is much better for your health than regular Fish Oil for many reasons including …

#1. The antioxidant power is 297 times greater than vitamin A or E, and 47 times greater than regular fish oil! Regular fish oil is very low in antioxidant content.  This is measured by the standard ORAC value.

#2. Its most powerful antioxidant effects are produced by astaxanthin which is NOT contained in regular fish oil . It readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, which helps to both protect and stimulate the brain for a better mood, better memory and clearer thinking.

#3. This is important: Krill Oil contains phospholipids which form a microscopic barrier that helps cells filter out toxins and free radical damage that can result in serious illnesses. Regular fish oil does NOT contain this.

#4. There is NO fishy aftertaste or digestion problems. No “fish burps”, or acid reflux that often occur with regular fish oil.

And if all that isn’t enough to get you to upgrade now, get this …


That’s right! A high percent of regular fish oil is highly contaminated with toxins like mercury, lead, arsenic, PCB’s, the radioactive strontium and other pollutants from industrial waste in the water.

In fact, The FDA and EPA have issued health alerts warning against eating certain fish for young children, women who are pregnant (or may become pregnant) and for nursing mothers. According to the Mercury Policy Project, a 132 pound woman who eats 12 ounces of canned tuna a week could exceed the EPA’s “safe limit” by 350%!

Is farm-raised fish is a healthier option? No. These fish farms use hormones, chemicals and antibiotics so farms can earn more profit, and the fish can still have mercury and poisonous PCBs.

On the other hand, KRILL are tiny deepwater crustaceans at the very bottom of the food chain and completely free of unhealthy toxins and pollution commonly found in regular fish oil.

Want even more proof? Doctors in Japan have already switched their patients from regular fish oil to krill oil. The health benefits reported have been amazing!


Your health and vitality could soon return to a younger state – how you felt 5, 10, or even more years ago!

“Return To Youth” and “Second Youth”
Reported By People Like You!

EFA Icon Krill Oil helps rejuvenate the cells, glands and organs of your body, so they function as if you were much younger … so you look and feel much younger than you do now!

Our Krill Oil contains phospholipids form a microscopic barrier that helps your cells filter out toxins that can result in life-threatening illnesses. They also protect against oxidative stress caused when damaging free-radical molecules break through weakened cell walls.

The EPA and DHA molecules in our Krill Oil are attached to phospholipids, making them more bio-available and better absorbed by the body than other fish oils. And because of Krill’s high phospholipids and antioxidant content, there is no fishy aftertaste. Regular fish oil lacks this phospholipids complex.

The Alternative Medicine Review reported a double-blind clinical trial showed Superba Krill Oil to be effective for the support of healthy cholesterol, triglycerides and blood lipids.

It prevents plaque buildup in your arteries. It REDUCED POTENTIAL DEADLY FAT IN AND AROUND THE HEART REGION 21 times more than regular fish oil!

And if you have high blood sugar, it has been shown to reduce levels of a compound in the blood linked to heart disease. The peer-reviewed Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases reported a daily supplement cut levels of harmful homocysteine by 22 per cent, compared to less than 1 per cent in the placebo group!

Reduces Symptoms Of PMS For Women

A major study showed it significantly reduced the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS and “was much more effective than regular fish oil”.

This was a double-blind, randomized clinical trial reported in the journal Alternative Medicine Review.

This can mean less or NO MORE IRRITABILITY, MOODINESS, BLOATING, breast tenderness or FATIGUE.



You see, this supplement creates a force-field-of-armor to heal you and strengthen your heart, arteries, bones, muscles, joints, organs and immunity so you can enjoy a better life starting today!

“Lower Body Weight, Smaller Stomach, Lower Hip Size”!

A new study by Dr. Monahar Garg at University Of Newcastle concluded this changes levels of “hunger hormones” like ghrelin and leptin, which control appetite.

The result: faster and easier weight loss because you will be less hungry all the time!

The study showed people experience a feeling of fullness for longer. This was true even hours after eating meals!

Improves Memory, Thinking, Mood
and Prevents Mental Decline!

In a recent study, people improved their concentration and working capacity 60.2%, ability to focus 39.0%, planning skills 50.1%, social skills 48.9%, driving capacity and road-safety skills 34.5% This was scored using Barkley’s Executive Function Scoring.

In another study published in the Archives Of Neurology, those who consumed enough had 60% less risk of memory problems.

It helps with the generation of new nerve tissue in the brain, something that no one ever dreamed possible until now! This is why it works so well for improving mental cognition — and preventing mental decline.

As you work away at your computer, your eyes are bombarded with bright light and visual stimulation at a close distance. The natural result from this is eye fatigue.

Results of clinical trials suggest the antioxidant Astaxanthin in our supplement works to prevent eyestrain and eye fatigue!

Dr. Mary Boesche, Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Utah School of Medicine, notes: “In randomized, placebo-controlled studies, symptoms of eyestrain decreased in the subjects who took astaxanthin supplements.”


Astaxanthin has also been shown to lower risk of cataract formation and age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of legal blindness for people over 55 years of age.

An Italian study showed Astaxanthin can actually improve visual function in patients who are in the early stages of age-related macular degeneration.

Now … You Get A Much More Effective Source Of Omega- 3’s… with 47 Times More Antioxidant Power To Relieve Your Health Problems and Feel Your Best … For about THE SAME COST as if you bought regular fish oil!

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Yours for better health,

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Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
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“What if I eat healthy and get regular exercise?” Do I need this? Absolutely! Your body still needs protection from the onslaught of toxins and free radicals that cause aging, and the health problems from aging!



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Especially Love The EFA Icon!

My husband has high cholesterol, not because of his diet or lack of fitness, but because of a hereditary condition, and with the use of your Prograde EFAs, I am pleased to say he has been able to get off prescription medication that he had been using.  As well, I enjoy your newsletters and recipes and share them with others. I find them all very helpful!

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I have chronic, long term arthritis in both knees and hips and I was taking Celebrex, but it causes its own set of issues, as you know. Among other things, I started taking Prograde supplements, lost about twenty pounds and started regular daily exercising.

OMG, my life has never been better.  No pain AT ALL in my knees other than the usual stiffness and slight difficulty up and down stairs.  Otherwise, I run 2K a day, walk everywhere, do aerobics and dance for hours.  I could not have imagined such a thing just six months ago, so I just wanted to let you know.  I am forwarding your website link to everyone I know and urging them at least to try.”

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“Just received my lab results since taking krill oil. Amazing results! My doc told me everything was within normal limits. I thought he made a mistake, so I went to records to retrieve a copy, I had to see it for myself: CHL: 185/Tri: 86/HDL: 66.

Thanks Prograde!”


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“I was so hesitant to order the Metabolism, VGF 25+Woman and the EFA icon pills. I don’t really like taking pills and EVERY vitamin I’ve ever taken has made me nauseous. I take ALL of these pills no problem! and after just 4 days I am feeling so great and already lost 1 lb! Thank you so much for this amazing product =)”

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Diana Sanchez Kloster



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“I ordered EFA Icon last month and started taking it immediately. I also take the Longevity, the VGF 25+ and the Protein powder. I am slowly becoming addicted to your products and have lost 12 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I’ve of course included a healthy meal plan into all this and feel amazing!”


“My knee pain is gone and my energy level has gone up significantly.  Your products are amazing!”


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I Never Felt So Good

“I am very happy today! 3 months back doctor told me that my cholesterol levels are slightly on higher side and need to start medication if the levels are same after three months.

Instead i started taking EFA Icon and VGF 25+ a couple months back.  Today I got my lab reports and its normal:

HDL – 51

LDL – 104

Total Cholesterol – 189

My doctor was surprised…. I am very happy with new Metabolism too.

I do not know how to thank you guys!  I never felt so good.  A Big THANK YOU!”


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“I’ve been using Prograde’s VGF 25+ for Women, EFA Icon and Longevity for just over a year now. I can honestly tell you I haven’t felt this good in years! The products don’t upset my stomach at all, unlike other brands, and I can really tell the difference in my health*. If you’re looking for nutritional products that actually deliver results, then look no further than Prograde. ”

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Great Flavor AND Results

Prograde products don’t just have great flavor, they deliver serious results. Since I started using Prograde Lean, EFA Icon, VGF25+ and Cravers just three weeks ago, well, I have already seen great results! Thanks for the great products!”

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Thank you for a quality product!

My wife and I love how good we feel when we take Prograde’s VGF and EFA Icon and wanted to thank you for putting out a quality product I can be proud to sell to clients. AND the great thing is: my clients spontaneously tell me how pleased they are too! My family and I thank you and your team. Cheers,

Daniel Iversen,
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Feeling much better already after a couple weeks

I recommended Prograde to my brother who was looking for a quality supplement for his current training.. He said he’s LOVING the VGF 25+ and Workout.. Said he’s feeling much better already after a couple weeks!*  He purchased the Platinum Package of VGF25 +, Workout, and EFA Icon.. You guys have got it down with quality that’s for sure!

John Cortese,
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Prograde Keeps Me Looking 21 Years Old

Prograde keeps me looking 21 years old.  Seriously, I train more now daily than I did as a professional football player and wrestler.

EFA Icon keeps my pain under control and Prograde Workout recovery drink has taken away all my headaches and allows me to train over 4 times daily.

I love Prograde!”

Anthony McClanahan
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*We don’t know if you will experience the same or similar results as these Prograde customers. Your experiences may not be as positive.


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** Notice:  WARNING: If you are allergic to shellfish, have a blood coagulation disorder, or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin), do not use Krill Oil.

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