How to Increase Brain Power – Foods for the Brain

How to Increase Brain Power – Foods for the Brain

How to Increase Brain Power - Foods for the Brain


How to Increase Brain Power – Foods for the Brain – There are a lot of foods that can contribute nutrients essential to increase brain power. These are foods that can help improve the brain function. For instance, a diet rich in omega fatty acids can help in keeping the brain blood vessels clear of blockage and at the same time, reinforce the nerve cells function at an exceptional level. Fish which is an excellent source of omega-3, and eating them at least twice weekly can enable this function.

Knowing the types of foods that can enhance the brain function is important and it is equally valuable as well to determine the kind of foods that may cause the brain power to deteriorate. Alcoholic beverages and addictive drugs can kill the cells in your brain directly. There are also some foods that can cause clogging to the artery that is most likely to result to restricted flow of blood to the brain. Foods with high-glycemic-index may lead to awful blood-sugar swings that can cause the body and mind irritable.

Here is a list of the foods that you need to include in your meals if you want your brain to function efficiently.

  • Fruits:

Avocados, oranges, cantaloupe, banana

  • Vegetables:

Broccoli, collard greens, potatoes, spinach, romaine lettuce, peas

  • Whole grain foods:

Wheat, oat meal, brown rice

  • Dairy products:

Cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt

  • Protein enriched foods:

Tuna, Salmon, turkey, chicken

How to Increase Brain Power - Foods for the Brain

On the other hand, foods that is not good for the brain includes alcohol, corn syrup, frosting, artificial sweeteners, artificial food colorings, junk sugars, white bread, nicotine, hydrogenated fats and overeating.

As mentioned earlier, alcohol can immediately kill your brain cells and constriction of capillaries which can lead to the restriction of blood flow to the brain is caused by nicotine. Hydrogenated fats can cause heart disease and clogging of the arteries that can affect you for a lifetime. You should try your very best to avoid if not entirely minimize the consumption of bad brain foods to optimize brain function.

Hence, you have to increase eating good brain foods that are basically complex carbohydrates which provide source of steady energy. Remember that how you prepare and eat food has effects to the body and the brain. Protein enriched foods can affect the performance of the brain providing it amino acids, which neurotransmitters re made. Neurotransmitters send signals from one brain cell to another and if these messengers are fed well, the more efficient the brain functions.

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