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Improving The Health Of Your Family For Life

Weight problems are not always run in families, but it is likely that dietary and exercise habits we learn as children stay with us into adulthood. That’s why it’s never too early to help your family develop habits that help them eat well and control your weight for life. Implement these rituals of daily life and improve the health of your family:

The food is not a reward:

One of the first associations we have with food is comfort: a crying baby to get a bottle and is happy for a while. Food should be comforting when hunger is satisfied, but should only be used as a substitute for other needs. A child can calm irritable when his hand a cookie, but a hug or a story might have worked just as well. Then there’s the bad humor for adults who are calm when you give them chocolate. Is not it amazing what chocolate can do? But keep in mind the message you are sending to your child when they are in a bad mood: we eat. Help them learn to eat when hungry, not when they are not.

A time and a place to eat:

You can also learn to associate food with other activities such as watching television or going to the movies. After a while, we find that turning on the TV turns our desire to eat, even when not really hungry. Remember Pavlovas dog? It is actually the same concept, behavioral conditioning races. The good news is that unhealthy behaviors can be changed through conditioning as well. You can help your family to break the habit of automatically eating by making two simple rules: eat only while sitting at the table and eat healthy snacks and balanced instead of junk food.

Shopping for health:

Another tip is to be a good buyer. When shopping, avoid processed foods, refined or packaged. In addition to cost more than fresh foods, the accused may have various preservatives, added salt and / or sugars, and many more calories. Stay away from sodas, chips, and candy! Buy fruits, nuts, flavored water, raisins and other healthy snacks. Remember, if you do not buy junk, your family will not eat it because it just is not going to be home.

Family of exercises:

Despite a healthy diet will do wonders for your family, is only half the solution. The other half is exersice. You can burn off excess calories before they become fat if you implement the exercise. Organize family outings and exercise after dinner walks, weekend trips, play ball, miniature golf and other fun family activities. Along with healthy eating habits, from twenty to thirty minutes of vigorous activity 3 times a week can help you and your family stay fit and finish, and feel more united.

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