Fish Oil For Baby Health

Fish Oil For Baby Health – Find Out About the Benefits For Your Child

By Scott D Oakley

Should you take a fish oil for baby health? To answer this question you need to be aware of the benefits fish based oils bring to a baby’s health, but also if there are risks. Because fish based oils are becoming more and more popular, and their benefits are becoming more plausible (due to clinical research) and also more extensive, mothers are increasingly aware of the importance of a fish oil supplement.

Numerous benefits exist:

– They can improve your child’s mental focus, which is indicative of greater intelligence.
– They can help the development of your child’s eyes and brain.
– They may provide a natural supply of essential nutrients for neurological progress.
– They will instigate the development of your child’s respiration process.
– The can improve a child’s ability to learn and also their brain function.

These reveal how instrumental fish oil for baby health can be. With all these health benefits, there should be no reason to not consider adding a fish supplement to your diet during pregnancy.

A safe diet would consist of at least 250mg per day of the omega 3 essential fatty acid DHA. But that is the very least. Most people are recommended about 650mg per day of omega 3 essential fatty acids. And, considering a pregnant woman is supplying the nutrients for two people, you might even take more.

So since I’ve given you reasons to take fish based oil, here’s some reasons why it would be silly not to:

– While you might have cravings for fish, doctors would recommend that you didn’t eat too much of it. Fish may contain contaminants (like mercury) that they pick up in the sea and this could result in mercury poisoning. Some fish oils have been cleansed of impurities.

– Most people don’t provide their body with enough DHA and EPA as is healthy. Our body can’t produce it itself — we need to supply it.

– Lastly, you know how beneficial it is, and how easy it is to pop a capsule in your mouth, so why wouldn’t you?

These are the reasons a fish oil supplement could bring better health to your baby. Your next step? Find a quality fish oil which has been properly purified (undergone molecular distillation) so that you can safely use fish oil for baby health.

Scott D Oakley is a passionate researcher and reviewer of fish oil supplements. This research is published on his website. To find out about the purified omega 3 supplements which he personally uses and recommends, visit can help you to enhance your health.

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