Easy Natural Ways to Treat Depression

Easy Natural Ways to Treat Depression

by Puneet Aggarwal

Let me ask you these simple questions… Are you feeling extremely sad, down, helpless and hopeless? Are you losing interest to do activities that are essential for you or those that you usually enjoy? Well, if you answered yes to both of the questions, then you are probably feeling depressed. Now, before it gets worse, it is important that you treat depression right away.
Depression is one of the most common mental conditions in the world. Here is a list of symptoms you should watch out for if you want to know whether you are really feeling depressed it is just sadness.
 Aside from feeling sad, down, or empty, you are feeling helpless and hopeless.
 You feel irritated even in just the smallest things.
 You have diminished interest in doing daily or enjoyable activities.
 Having marked changes in weight (5% or more gain or lose in one month)
 Being agitated, restless, or physically slow.
 Loss of energy and always feeling tired.
 Having difficulty thinking, concentrating, or deciding.
If you have are experiencing 5 of these symptoms for at least two weeks, then you are most probably feeling depressed. So, what can you do to help yourself? First is to acknowledge the fact that you are probably undergoing depression, next is consult a doctor, then choose available treatment options that would help you battle against depression. The doctor may have informed you about medications and counseling but has s/he informed you of the home remedies you could use to treat depression?
Using home remedies to treat depression of mild to moderate cases is easy, effective, and safe. You can do it on the comforts of your home and you, yourself, will learn how to use it for your own good. Moreover, holistic approach will not only deal with the symptoms of depression, it will also promote general well being. So, how to treat depression using this form of treatment? Here is a list of simple, yet important things you must do to maintain a healthy body and avoid treat depression:
* Eat healthy. Instead of eating junk foods, go for more vegetables and fruits. Also avoid artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, and coffee.
* Keep away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs as these contain substances that will worsen your depression.
* Have regular exercise. Doing so will help better circulation of blood in the body, which, in turn will help in stimulating certain parts of the brain in producing hormones that would help fight off depression.
* Learn diaphragmatic breathing. Deep breathing will also help in your body’s circulation. Moreover, repeated diaphragmatic breathing will help calm you down.
* Expose yourself to sunlight. Rays of the sun has certain vitamins that will help against depression. However, if the weather won’t allow you to go out of the house, have substitutes such as light boxes.
* Take supplements such as homeopathic remedies. These only have herbs like St. John’s wort as ingredients, making them side effects free. Homeopathic remedies will support emotional well being, promote a more positive attitude, and will help give you better appetite and sleeping patterns.
In conclusion, depression could really be life disturbing but with the different ways on how to treat depression, it can be reversed.

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