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Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety Panic Attacks – Most of us through out our lives have experience stress or just feeling anxious. Sometimes when we are so worried about something in our lives in ends up we have an anxiety attack over it. That feeling when you first have one is such a horrible experience we don’t know what is happening to us which makes us feel even more anxiety because we panic and don’t understand what’s happening.

Some symptoms’ may include heart palpitations’, sweaty hands, a feeling that we want to run. You can experience many different sensations through out the body. Then once we experience this then we get scared about it happening again so then we end up in a viscous circle of being worried about having an anxiety attack and then when we do have one we hold on to it, or tense up and so it prolongs the anxiety attack even further. So we tend to live each day worrying about whether it’s going to happen again.

I have experience all this myself and felt it was just controlling my life. Till one day I said to myself is anxiety attacks going to control me or am I going to control anxiety attacks. I found a couple of books and read them. These are couple of points that helped me.

• The biggest and best you can do is first let it go. When you have an anxiety attack just allow it to happen, don’t hold on to it. I know that it is very hard to do but believe me when I first let it go I could not believe how fast it went away. Just allow it to happen, feel what’s happening in your body, don’t hold on to what’s happening just let it go.

• By breathing normally or best is have a mint, eat something, or start talking or sing to the music. It tends to get your breathing back to normal. That is one of the reasons we feel light headed or dizzy when we have an anxiety attack is because we are breathing so fast there is to much oxygen in the brain. So concentrate on your breathing and just breathe nice and slow.

• Vitamin B complex is great it helps you relax, get out and do more exercise it helps you release your frustrations it also induces endorphin’s which is the feel good hormone that is released through the body when we exercise. Notice after you exercise how good and relaxed you feel.

• Take time out in your life each day and think about your life, are you happy? What could you do to make it change? Ask yourself these questions, only you can make yourself happy. Don’t rely on others to make you happy that is not their responsibility it’s yours. So take control of your life and don’t allow others to control you.

• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great technique to use. You can use it in all aspects of your life. From Anxiety Attacks, Health, fitness, wealth. Go to emofree there is a wealth of information there for you to get started with this great technique.

Just remember Anxiety is not a physical condition it is an emotional condition and it’s a way for your body to tell you that your mind is not healthy. So take what your body is saying to you and do something about it before it does turn into physical sickness in your body. I experienced anxiety for about 10 years myself; I have been there and done that. I never thought I could get rid of it. Until one day I made the decision that I am going to control it, it’s not going to control me.

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