Anti Aging Mental Health With Exercise and Brain Food

Anti-Aging Mental Health With Exercise and Brain Food

Anti-Aging Mental Health With Exercise and Brain Food

Anti-Aging Mental Health With Exercise and Brain Food

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By Victoria Stewart

One of the most important things about anti-aging is having mental health. A properly functioning mind is one element to staying youthful, even though many would argue that it is all about physical appearance. Without your brain being fully functional, there is no quality of life. Therefore, people have to focus on this aspect of anti-aging as much as anything else, such as with skincare and exercise routines in their daily life.

A healthy mind must be fed properly, just as you would feed your body. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy tasty dishes, however. For instance, breakfast brain food could include a bowl of oatmeal or a handful of walnuts and a tablespoon of honey. All nuts are great for the brain, but they must be raw or at most, lightly roasted. Be careful with salted, roasted nuts because they lack the nutrients the brain needs, but also contain so much salt that it is unhealthy for the body.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, again raw, are great for feeding the mind. If you must cook them, be aware that many nutrients are lost in the cooking process, so minimize that cooking time. To cook vegetables, use a little water in a pot and let it boil. Then add the vegetables for about 3 minutes, but not more. For instance, broccoli, cut up in bunches is still crunchy and healthy when boiled for that amount of time. To add healthy flavor to it, simply add a pinch of salt, extra virgin olive oil and some vinegar. For those who love dessert, opt for dark chocolate, which is also a great brain food and does wonders for the soul, too.

Anti Aging Mental Health With Exercise and Brain Food

Anti Aging Mental Health With Exercise and Brain Food

Exercise your mind! The brain is a muscle that requires exercise. The more you work it out, the more you can remember and the healthier you will be. Crossword puzzles are fun and the perfect exercise that works your brain thoroughly as you reach into its depths to find the solutions. Reading, studying subjects and using your mind is also recommended. Test yourself on texts you may have read to demonstrate just how much information you have retained. As you continue these exercises, you will find improvement after some time.

This will show that there is progress and your mind health will at least be maintained or improved. Not only will this be beneficial with regards to your anti-aging methodology currently and in the future, but also in your day-to-day life, as you will be able to recount events easier, quicker and seemingly, without thought.

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