All natural remedies for Depression and Anxiety

All natural remedies for Depression and Anxiety

All natural remedies for Depression and Anxiety

All natural remedies for Depression and Anxiety

All natural remedies for Depression and Anxiety Article

Natural Remedies For Anxiety and Depression

By Kriti Arora

There are many ways to beat anxiety and depression. But natural remedies are always better than prescriptive drugs. Natural remedies for anxiety and depression include St. John’s Wort, Kava, flower essences, aromatherapy etc. These natural remedies have been used over the centuries and hence are reliable.

St.John’s Wort is highly effective for curing anxiety and depression as it has a soothing effect on the nervous system. It is a gentle sedative which is specific for mild depression, anxiety, irritable nature etc. The product works by enhancing the amount of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in the central nervous system. Kava Kava or Piper methysticum is another excellent anti-anxiety herb which has the capacity to calm the nervous system. Being a muscle relaxant and mild sedative, it is particularly useful for curing anxiety, tension, depression, sleeplessness etc. But you should keep in mind not to use both the products along with other anti-depressant drugs.

Damiana is another nerve tonic which has good restorative property. Other than having calming effect, it is also popular for its aphrodisiac properties. There is yet another non-addictive sedative which can relax the nervous system, known as Passionflower. Ayurvedic herbs are also used to overcome anxiety and depression. The common one is Ashwaghanda, which is highly effective.

Aromatherapy is also one among the natural remedies for anxiety and depression. You can use Bergamot to uplift and refresh your spirit and to regain self esteem. By soothing anger and frustration, the therapy brings happiness and warmth to the heart. Cypress is used in aromatherapy to add strength and restore the troubled nervous system. It has the power to cleanse the spirit and eradicate psychic blocks which are detrimental to sound mental health. Aromatherapy makes use of Frankincense to discard fear and comfort the mind of the patient. Here breathing is slowed down instilling feelings of calm.

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Will a Natural Remedy For Depression and Anxiety Really Work?

By Laura Ramirez

If you’re wondering if a natural remedy for depression and anxiety will really work, then you need to read this brief article in its entirety. In it, you will find out which ingredients work and what other helpful measures you can take to relieve this disorder once and for all.

If you’ve been suffering from the classic symptoms of depression, you might have asked your doctor about prescription medications. If you have ever watched the television commercials for some of these drugs, then you know that they can have some serious side effects, some of which can worsen your emotional pain and suffering. For instance, many of these drugs can cause you to gain weight, have trouble eating and sleeping and can even increase feelings of anxiousness. Although these symptoms do not affect everyone across the board, the side effects are disturbing, especially when you start thinking about their long term implications.

This is why hundreds of thousands of people around the world have turned to using a natural remedy for depression and anxiety. Although you may consider these supplements “alternative” or think that they are new, they are really not. In fact, the herbal ingredients in these supplements have been used for centuries precisely because they work. When compared with newly developed drugs, you can see that drugs are actually the “new kid on the block,” which is why it pays to consider the long term effects of using them on the brain. Since many of these drugs are new, the implications of long term use have not been studied.

Since natural remedies have been used since the time of Socrates (and probably before that), they have been proven safe and effective by countless generations. A good, quality supplement should contain time-tested plant-based ingredients like Passion Flower which lifts the mood and St. John’s Wort, which relieves anxiety. Although you can take these herbs separately, it is best to take them as part of a formulation that has been standardized to ensure that you get the right amounts in each dose each and every time that you take your natural remedy for depression and anxiety.

In addition to taking a supplement, make sure to exercise and drink lots of water. Athough you may not feel like engaging in exercise right now, after you’ve taken your supplement for about ten days, your mood will lift and you will start feeling like you have the motivation to try out new things. Make sure to pick and exercise that is fun and not too challenging, so you won’t be tempted to give it up. Walking in the park, turning up music and dancing around your house or some simple yoga poses are a great start. Exercise is beneficial because it relieves stress, detoxifies the lymph and gets the heart rate up.

Finally, a natural remedy for depression and anxiety will be even more effective when coupled with a healthy diet. If you’ve been eating a lot of junk food, start small. Eat one healthy meal per day and note how good you feel afterward. Substitute healthy snacks for junk food snacks. Some celery sprinkled with salt is just as satisfying (in terms of crunchiness and saltiness) than a bowl of chips and so much better for you.

Although this approach may sound simplistic, it works. Stick with your supplement, make healthy substitutions to your diet, exercise, drink lots of water and soon, you will be feeling like you are ready to tackle challenges and make positive changes to your life again.

Laura Ramirez is a dedicated to health and wellness. Learn more about her findings on natural ways to treat depression by going to

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