Advantages of physical exercises on the brain

Advantages of physical exercises on the brain  

Advantages of physical exercises on the brain

Advantages of physical exercises on the brain

Advantages of physical exercises on the brain article

by Maria Lee

Since decades, medical experts have been debating about the connection between physical and mental efficiency. Do physical exercises help in improving brain functioning? How are physical activity and brain development linked? These and many similar questions about physical exercise and the brain have triggered tremendous research in the field of neuroscience. Fortunately, results have been very remarkable and many studies have proved that physical activeness does play a significant role in improvement of physical and mental health.

Physical Workout and the Brain

it needn’t be stressed here that physical exercises greatly improve blood circulation and give us a healthy body but what people don’t know is that it also helps in mental growth. According to researches compiled from several sources, here some deeper connections between physical exercise and the brain have been enlisted.

Active Brain lies in an Active Body
Studies have shown that people in the age group 20 – 60 years, those who have been active in their younger and middle years of life are at lesser risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who have had a very sedentary life. Studies showed that people engaging in mental and physical exercises were healthier in older ages than those engaging in negligible exercises. Passive life is not good for your brain.

Improvement in Cognitive Decline
the closest association between physical exercise and the brain is their association with blood circulation. Better blood circulation due to physical exercises improves flow of blood to brain. In earlier ages, often poor blood flow to brain because of hypertension or heart problems has been considered as the cause of decline in social behavior.

Anti Stress and Anti Depression Buster
walking, running, jogging and other physical exercises help the body to ward off depression and to get rid of negative thoughts. That’s why when we feel low or sad; engaging in some physical activity takes our blues away and automatically helps us in fixing our issues. Some studies have suggested that regular physical exercises delay the signs and arrival of neurogenerative diseases that are bound to occur when one gets old.

Boost Your Memory and Brain Function
As per various studies, physical exercises have fabulous effect on brain functioning and if you’re in search of secrets of how to increase the ability of your brain, then you have to include a mix of physical and mental exercises in your daily routine. For example, people engaged in physical activities have been found to have good memory skills, increased focus, concentration, analytical skills and memory improvement. Hence, it has concluded that proper physical and brain exercises is very healthy and essential for the body.

Foot to Brain – All Connected
While we know that the brain is one of the greatest mysteries of the human body which has made people gape in bewildered awe throughout the passage of time, but what most people do not wonder about is the usefulness of the human foot. It has eight arches and they help our foot s to evenly distribute our body weight and they consist of one fourth bones of the total bones in our body. Along with the bones, there is a huge network of blood vessels which are present in the foot and help us in providing proper blood circulation. Many studies have shown that the aging process of a human being can be predicted just by carefully observing the foot.
Now that you know of the intimate connection between the brain and physical exercises, hopefully you will be able to take some time out for them in your daily routine.

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