5 Tips For a Flat Stomach

How to Get a Flat Stomach – 5 Tips For a Flat Stomach

5 Tips For a Flat Stomach

5 Tips For a Flat Stomach

5 Tips For a Flat Stomach Article –

By Randolph Meresmaa

Everyone wants to get a flat stomach and I believe that most people can get a flat stomach. But the journey from belly fat to a flat stomach is long and hard. The majority of people just fail to reach the target for several reasons. But if you do make it, then you can easily call yourself a fat loss expert. So hopefully these 5 tips will give you a good start.

5 tips for a flat stomach

5 Tips For a Flat Stomach

1. Knowing exactly the amount of calories you need to lose fat, is obviously very important. It all comes down to calories, if you burn more calories then you take in then you lose fat (not weight, hopefully). And if you have no idea how many calories you need and try to guess, then you will fail sooner or later. Finding out the exact number of calories is not that easy, but you can get a fairly accurate number if you use the right methods.

2. Just as important as is the number of calories you take in daily, is what type of food you eat. Not all foods are the same obviously and some foods make you lose fat and others make you gain fat. Eating natural and unprocessed foods has to be a priority always. Food is just like fuel and if you want to burn the most amount of calories, then you have to consume the best quality food as possible. For example good starchy carbohydrates that should be in your menu are oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, yams, whole wheat bread, beans, whole grain pasta.

Fibrous carbohydrates such as peas, lettuce, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, salads, tomatoes, cucumber etc. Simple carbohydrates such as bananas, oranges apples, grapes, berries etc. Lean proteins such as turkey breast, chicken breast, egg whites, fish, shellfish, low fat dairy products, lean red meat etc. And fats such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, nuts, fish fat, seeds, olives etc.

3. The next important part of getting a flat stomach is your meal frequency. The key is to eat small frequent meals. Because frequent but small meals speed up your metabolism. It takes a lot of calories just to digest food and the more often you eat, the more calories your body has to spend. Eating 5-6 or even 7 meals after every 2-3 hours is about the average. Another great thing about eating frequently is that it keeps away those nasty food cravings and snacking.

4. Obviously without exercise you will never get a flat stomach. And not only are cardio exercises very important but also strength training exercises. Very often people believe that strength training is only for bodybuilders, but this is not true. Strength training builds muscles and the more you have muscle mass, the more calories your body has to burn. Muscle is essentially a furnace that keeps burning calories. Unfortunately the muscle mass of most people is very small and the amount of calories that the body burns, is not very significant. So both aerobic and strength training are very important and need to do them regularly.

5. And finally if you really want to get a flat stomach, then you of course have to keep track of your progress or the lack of progress. If you do not measure and count everything, then you can not be certain, if you are moving in the right direction. And if you progress stops and you hit a plateau, then you have to know what are you suppose to do next. So count your calories, weigh yourself, measure your fat percentage, keep a training diary. But the danger also is to get really obsessed about everything, which is also bad. Try to avoid that as well.

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5 Tips for a Flat Stomach

5 Tips for a Flat Stomach

5 Tips for a Flat Stomach

By Lynn VanDyke

As a personal trainer I routinely field questions about flat stomachs and six pack abs. Men and women want the secret formula to a rock solid mid-section. There are 5 tips that can help anyone increase their chances of a slimmer, fat-free waistline.

Flat Stomach Tip 1) Eat plenty of fibrous foods. This helps aid digestion and elimination. All too often the protruding lower abdominal s are caused by enlarged intestines. Aiding the body’s digestion and elimination processes will help give a flatter appearance to the lower stomach area.

Flat Stomach Tip 2) Create a strength training routine that addresses all of the major muscle groups. A nice trick I learned along the way is to increase the muscle in your shoulders. This gives the appearance of a smaller waist. Working your whole body is more advantageous for many reasons. A few reasons are:

– Working the entire body creates balance. Working just the abs will result in an imbalance and may lead to over-use, under-use or injury of certain muscles.

– Working the entire body will add more lean muscle. Women need to add lean, toned muscle to their body. They should not be afraid of bulking up or looking like men. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. Each pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories per day.

– Just working the abs usually results in over training. With a full body routine each muscle receives attention and proper rest.

Flat Stomach Tip 3) Drink plenty of fluids. Water and unsweetened teas are best. Keeping the body properly hydrated will aid in digestion and elimination.

Flat Stomach Tip 4) Participate in a cardio activity most days of the week. I recommend doing a mix of session lengths and intensity levels. The total workout time should typically be kept under an hour (including strength training). A few days should be medium intensity and medium length cardio sessions. A few days should be reserved for long sessions with low intensity. One day each for a higher intensity, shorter program and a rest day.

5 Tips For a Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach Tip 5) Incorporate the Plank Pose into your ab routine. The Plank Pose works the transverse abdominis muscle. This muscle is responsible for holding the stomach in and supporting posture. This is one of the best ab workouts in my opinion. It really works the muscle responsible for a flat stomach. More info can be found on the Plank Pose at http://strength-training-woman.com/ab-exercise.html

Combine these 5 tips for a flat stomach and get ready for results. Genetics play a role in the over all appearance of your stomach, but just about everyone can benefit from a reduction in body fat. The simplest way to a tight mid-section is to make a lifestyle change. Dieting is a quick fix that usually results in frustration and weight gain. Learn to achieve optimal health by applying positive habits.

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Lynn VanDyke is the head trainer at http://www.strength-training-woman.com Her wildly popular ebook, Melt the Fat, comes complete with over 100 exercises, 160 daily menus, 63 ways to stick with it, 100 strength training routines, 800 healthy meal suggestions and loads more. Learn more by visiting: http://www.Melt-the-Fat.com

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