10 best body weight exercises

10 best body weight exercises

by Vidiyasharma

It is thought by most of us that the best way for gaining weight at home is eating. However, this is not true. For gaining weight, a person should have a regular exercise and a balanced diet. There are 10 best body weight exercises that are very beneficial. With a good diet, healthy weight can be gained. Exercises will not allow the accumulation of fats in the body. There are many weight gain exercises for doing at home. Given below are some of them:


    • Squat

Squatting is the most crucial of all exercises for weight gain. The best part is that squats can be easily done at home. Squats are very effective as the muscle core of the body is targeted. People who are not able to gain weight have a common complaint that they don’t feel like eating. Squats are great way for stimulating the appetite. After a heavy duty squat session, more energy will be needed by the body and a person will feel hungrier. Although, squats are mainly for developing thighs, if done repeatedly and with deep breathing, overall body weight can be gained. Before starting the squats, one must ensure that light weights are used for start. Then, weights can be added slowly. The comfort level must not be surpassed by the maximum limit of weight. One can easily perform squats at home. However, if there is no familiarity with the exercise, it must be done under supervision.

    • Strength training

Weight lifting exercises and resistance training are mostly done for losing weight. However, a person will be surprised if the calorie intake is increased and these exercises are done. This will surely result in weight gain. This is because the muscles are strained and their growth is stimulated. The best part of this exercise is that they can be done very easily. If these exercises are done in combination with good health supplements, healthy weight can be gained.

    • Bodyweight exercises

Weight can be increased at home by the use of tools and exercise machines. An effective exercise for weight gain is the bodyweight exercise, where the weight of a person’s body is used as resistance for building muscle mass. For gaining weight, weight gain exercises such as bodyweight exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, calf-raises, pull-ups and back extension must be performed 6 times a week. Five to six sets of these exercises must be performed with 20 repetitions. A person can follow a list of 10 best bodyweight exercises and do it accordingly.

Thus, these weight gain exercises will surely help in gaining weight.

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